Alternatives to aviation


From free tools like Skype video to high-end solutions like Cisco TelePresence, new technology means we no longer need to waste time and money shipping ourselves in a metal tube through the sky just to say hello.

High Speed Rail

High speed rail may be the best alternative to flying in the United States. California’s planned high speed rail system, for example, may allow for travel between San Francisco and Los Angeles in two hours and forty minutes (about the same as flying, taking local travel, early checkin, and security lines into account).

Express Buses

Move over, Greyhound. The new generation of express buses, including providers like Megabus and BoltBus, offer low prices, online booking, power outlets, and free WiFi—without any security checks, luggage fees, or plane food to contend with. (And for for the biggest discounts, try Chinatown buses.)


Taking regional or long-distance Amtrak trains can be one of the most beautiful ways to get around the U.S. Trains have beautiful views, and in the northeast, trains are electric-powered, and many support regenerative braking (like a Prius).

Slow Travel

The green slow travel movement is asking folks to travel less, but make it mean much more when you go. That could means taking more local vacations, doing longer-term trips, or reducing impacts by choosing alternatives to flights.

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