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United Airlines: Climate greenwash at its finest

United Airlines: sues the EU for putting a price on carbon, but sells carbon offsets for Earth Day

Earth Day brings out the worst in polluters. This Earth Day, United Airlines started touting its newly-revamped carbon offset program, allowing customers to alleviate the guilt of climate pollution by spending money on climate-enhancing projects in three different countries.

What United’s green PR team didn’t mention is that up till March, they were busy suing the European Union, trying to prevent the EU from putting a price on carbon emissions emitted during flights starting or ending in Europe. It took a ruling from the European Court of Justice to get United’s lawyers to finally quit.

United, do you really wanted to address your climate impact? It takes just three steps:

  1. Stop suing governments that want to slow down aviation pollution
  2. Set a company-wide cap on climate pollution
  3. If you’re going to push offsets, include them as part of the ticket price

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