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Burlington International Airport: A neighborhood’s future is up in the air

Web video blog Stuck in Vermont covers a local aviation justice battle in this great video on the plight of South Burlington airport neighbors: “Burlington International Airport has grown in size over the years and this means an increase in noise for the South Burlington residents that live nearby. Under an FAA relocation program, the … Continue reading

Warplanes of Mass Destruction: Enroute to a city near you?

The US Air Force has been quietly shopping the operational basing of its F-35A manned fighter jet squadrons around to different communities across the country. Most recently, following its issuance of a draft environmental impact statement (“EIS”), the Air Force has whittled the list of possible ‘beddown’ locations down to two; the joint civil/military airport … Continue reading

“Why Noise Matters” book just released

Our new book, Why Noise Matters (Routledge, 2011) is the first major work to put the issue of noise pollution in the wider political context. It also makes a compelling case that noise pollution is not just hurting people – noise is the pollutant which disturbs more people in their daily lives than any other … Continue reading

Aviation noise conference in Phoenix

The National Organization to Insure a Sound-controlled Environment (N.O.I.S.E.) is holding their next national aviation noise summit and community conference in Phoenix, Arizona, on Wednesday, November 9. Read more: Event details