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A former airline pilot speaks out

Kai is an inspiration to me. He’s a former airline pilot who loved his work, but could no longer bring himself to participate after discovering the global environmental impacts of his industry. Kai and his partner Sheila have taken steps to simplify their lives and reduce their impact on the Earth, and are currently in the … Continue reading

Dan Glass on aviation justice

Dan Glass was named one of the UK’s youth climate leaders by the Guardian, and one of Attitude magazine’s 66 new role models for helping bridge LGBTQ and environmental justice movements. The grandson of four Holocaust survivors, he’s perhaps best known for having superglued himself to the Prime Minister to draw attention to communities impacted … Continue reading

J-Reed on aviation justice

Seattle hip-hop artist J-Reed wrote a song called “Look Up In The Sky,” about the impacts of aviation, in support of Debi Wagner and other Sea-Tac airport neighbors. The song’s instantly become part of the soundtrack to our movement! Please download and share widely. look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane … Continue reading

Martin Rubin on Aviation Justice

Los Angeles residents Martin Rubin and Joan Winters founded Concerned Residents Against Airport Pollution in 2003. I interpret the term “Aviation Justice” literally to mean that all attributes of aviation must be justly considered. How aviation affects the Earth, both in the atmosphere as well as at ground level must be a significant factor in … Continue reading

Anirvan Chatterjee on aviation justice

Anirvan Chatterjee is a San Francisco Bay Area entrepreneur and climate activist. He and his wife spent 2009-2010 attempting to travel around the world without flying, while documenting the work of climate action movements in a dozen countries. Climate change has a human face. Last year, we met dozens of Vietnamese teens trying to deal … Continue reading

Debi Wagner on aviation justice

Debi Wagner is a Seattle airport neighbor, and a community activist who worked against the expansion of SEA-TAC airport. She’s the author of Over My Head, a memoir of 17 years doing airport environmental justice work. “Aviation Justice means to me just what the word justice implies. There are certain people singled out for abuse. … Continue reading

John Stewart on aviation justice

John Stewart was a key organizer in the successful decade-long campaign to stop the expansion of London’s Heathrow Airport. He’s one of the speakers on the Aviation Justice Express tour this October. “The way aviation currently operates is deeply unjust.  Aviation contributes 5% of global emissions.  Its emissions are rising faster than just about any … Continue reading

Hari Kondabolu on aviation justice

Hari Kondabolu is a stand-up comic from New York. From Kondabolu’s Comedy Central special: “I was on a plane recently; I was reading the in-flight magazine. The in-flight magazine for that particular trip was an environmental issue. I was reading about the environment while sitting on a pollution machine that can fly. The first article’s … Continue reading

Chris Cain on aviation justice

Chris Cain is the publisher of Seattle’s Port Observer newspaper. “Aviation justice is…justice delayed. But not just delayed, but prevented, ignored all the while ‘injustice’ is promoted and hyped. Billions are spent each year promoting air travel and vacationing and tourism and globetrotting, while comparatively little is spent on mitigation of impacts. Aviation Industry Anarchy! … Continue reading