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John Stewart says thank you to 1500+ supporters

John Stewart, our invited guest speaker for the Aviation Justice Express tour, sent the following message to the 1500+ supporters who signed the Change.org petition on his behalf after he was denied entrance to the US:   Hi, This is John Stewart, the UK campaigner barred from entering the US. Thank you for your help. … Continue reading

Why UK aviation policy matters

British aviation/climate policy appears to have moved in a fundamentally more sustainable direction. The British Department for Transport just released a new report which suggests the possibility of not allowing the construction of new runways in the UK until 2050 as a way to ensure the reduction of greenhouse gases from aviation. While writing a … Continue reading

“Just Do It” released in the UK

The Aviation Justice Express tour this October will bring with it an American prerelease copy of Just Do It, a documentary about the British climate direct action movement, which was just released in the UK. Watch the trailer, and a snippet about a spinoff Heathrow-area community garden project:

The Battle of Heathrow: The story of a climate victory against runaway aviation

The Battle of Heathrow was a decade-long campaign to prevent the massive expansion of Heathrow airport. Initially started by local homeowners worried about local impacts, it eventually grew into a struggle over the future of British climate policy. Near the heart of the struggle was John Stewart, the chair of AirportWatch, who helped hold together … Continue reading