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The Planet Strikes Back: Rising sea levels could flood San Francisco Airport

Aviation is responsible for 4.9% of climate change, making it one of the most climate-destructive industries on the planet. So there’s particular irony in the fact that climate change threatens to aviation industry’s own infrastructure. A new report from the National Research Council shows that if current trends continue, sea levels along the California coastline … Continue reading

Environmental lawsuit succeeds: FAA phasing out leaded gas by 2018, protecting airport neighbors from airborne lead

Private planes are responsible for over half the airborne lead in the United States, with leaded aviation gasoline linked to elevated levels of toxic lead in kids living near airports. Regulators had previously ignore the research, forcing Friends of the Earth to file a lawsuit against the EPA, due to its inaction aroud airborne lead. … Continue reading

Burlington International Airport: A neighborhood’s future is up in the air

Web video blog Stuck in Vermont covers a local aviation justice battle in this great video on the plight of South Burlington airport neighbors: “Burlington International Airport has grown in size over the years and this means an increase in noise for the South Burlington residents that live nearby. Under an FAA relocation program, the … Continue reading

Warplanes of Mass Destruction: Enroute to a city near you?

The US Air Force has been quietly shopping the operational basing of its F-35A manned fighter jet squadrons around to different communities across the country. Most recently, following its issuance of a draft environmental impact statement (“EIS”), the Air Force has whittled the list of possible ‘beddown’ locations down to two; the joint civil/military airport … Continue reading

Aviation justice in Los Angeles

The Aviation Justice Express tour hit California, with Los Angeles area residents attended a public event and protest against the Santa Monica Airport, organized by Concerned Residents Against Airport Pollution. Residents are working to address pollution, noise, and safety issues. Writes the Santa Monica Daily Press: “Residents of three communities reiterated their concerns about Santa … Continue reading

STAND: Shut This Airport Nighmare Down

Anthony Rayson, the co-founder of STAND (Shut This Airport Nighmare Down), writes about their Aviation Justice Express event last week in Peotone County, Illinois, where residents are trying to defend their community from a massive new airport project, over three times the size of Chicago O’Hare. In an unfortunate turn of events, politicians have pitted … Continue reading

J-Reed on aviation justice

Seattle hip-hop artist J-Reed wrote a song called “Look Up In The Sky,” about the impacts of aviation, in support of Debi Wagner and other Sea-Tac airport neighbors. The song’s instantly become part of the soundtrack to our movement! Please download and share widely. look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane … Continue reading

Martin Rubin on Aviation Justice

Los Angeles residents Martin Rubin and Joan Winters founded Concerned Residents Against Airport Pollution in 2003. I interpret the term “Aviation Justice” literally to mean that all attributes of aviation must be justly considered. How aviation affects the Earth, both in the atmosphere as well as at ground level must be a significant factor in … Continue reading

Airport neighbors endorse Janice Hahn for Congress

Santa Monica Airport neighbors group Concerned Residents Against Airport Pollution has endorsed Janice Hahn for Congress in California’s 36th District, in a very closely-watched election race. The text of the endorsement cites Hahn’s willingness to address issues around noise fumes, and highlights her decision to sign a four-point pledge on airport policy issues. Hahn’s website also … Continue reading

Turtles occupy JFK airport runway

About 150 diamondback terrapin turtles occupied runway 4L at New York’s Kennedy airport today for several hours as they searched for a beach to lay their eggs. The Wall Street Journal reports: “We ceded to Mother Nature,” said Ron Marsico, a spokesman for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which owns the … Continue reading