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Aviation + climate change artist Ho-Yeol Ryu

What does a world of excessive dirty aviation look like? South Korean artist Ho-Yeol Ryu’s piece Flughafen (German for “airport”) tries to answer the question visually. His piece is a lovely and foreboding composite digital image created using layering and tilt-shift techniques, based in part on images of planes taking off from Hannover airport, and … Continue reading

New fiction about aviation and climate change

Aviation and climate change is a critical part of the title story in award-winning British writer Helen Simpson‘s new short story collection In-Flight Entertainment. Simpson is interviewed by the Paris Review, where she describes the book as her “climate-change suite. Per the publisher: “And in the title story, two men on a flight from London … Continue reading

J-Reed on aviation justice

Seattle hip-hop artist J-Reed wrote a song called “Look Up In The Sky,” about the impacts of aviation, in support of Debi Wagner and other Sea-Tac airport neighbors. The song’s instantly become part of the soundtrack to our movement! Please download and share widely. look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane … Continue reading