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US House members want to make EU ETS compliance illegal

A bipartisan group of members of the House of Representatives introduced HR 2594, the EU ETS Prohibition Act, which would make compliance with the European aviation emissions trading system illegal.

The bill is being introduced by the following members of the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee, who have collectively received over $2 million from the aviation industry: John Mica (R-FL, $626k from aviation industry), Nick Rahall (D-WV, $238k from aviation industry),Thomas Petri (R-WI, $369k from aviation industry), Jerry Costello (D-IL, $428k from aviation industry), John Duncan, Jr. (R-TN, $513k from aviation industry), Laura Richardson (D-CA, $87k from aviation industry), and Tim Holden (D-PA, $100k+ from aviation industry),

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