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J-Reed on aviation justice

Seattle hip-hop artist J-Reed wrote a song called “Look Up In The Sky,” about the impacts of aviation, in support of Debi Wagner and other Sea-Tac airport neighbors. The song’s instantly become part of the soundtrack to our movement! Please download and share widely.

look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane
pollutin up the air that we breathe it’s a shame
politicians point their fingers, they don’t want to take the blame
how many innocent gonna die before the people see a change?

southwest airlines gotta be worth millions
but they don’t give a honk about the children
they built an airport in my neighborhood
got me burning like Jim Rome—it’s not good
and plus they did it without asking us
all the fumes could be hazardous

money makes the world go round, I guess it’s true
what’s a hundred cancer patients worth to you? (nothin)
we all numbers like the id
CEOs getting rich quick (dollars)

Debi roundin up the soldiers
cause we refuse to be worked over
Houston, we been having a problem
we need to recognize who caused them
it’s people dying, families mourning
consider this your final warning


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