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UK lawmakers strike back at carbon-spewing airlines

After the short-sighted US Congressional attack on the European aviation cap and trade program, it’s exciting to see the British Parliament come back with a muscular response. According to Bloomberg:

“Airlines using U.K. airspace should be grounded if they refuse to comply with the European Union’s greenhouse-gas emissions-trading system, according to a panel of lawmakers. Any country or operator that refuses to accept EU carbon- trading rules on aviation could alternatively face an increased Air Passenger Duty tax in the U.K., the British parliament’s Energy and Climate Change Select Committee recommended.” (via)

Parliamentary committee chairperson Tim Yeo, a member of the Conservative Party and a former businessperson, said “International airlines using U.K. and European airports must pay up for the carbon pollution they produce or risk having their planes grounded…The U.S. needs to recognize that if it wants to do business in the world’s largest single market, it is going to have to get serious about tackling climate change.”

Photo by David Iliff. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0


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