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Aviation emissions up 11.2% from 2005-2010—despite the recession

The aviation industry claims that it’s going green—but that’s not what the data shows. New research by David Lee, co-author of the recent UN Environment Program report “Bridging the Gap,” shows that the global aviation industry is rapidly increasing its contributions to global warming.

According to David Lee, aviation emissions have grown over 11% between 2005 and 2010, despite the global economic downturn. Lee presented a summary of his new research at Transport & Environment’s A New Flightplan conference in Brussels last month.

This is outrageous  behavior on the part of one of the most climate-polluting industries on the planet. Industry greenwashing can’t change the fact that climate scientists suggest that industries need to cut emissions by between 80-90% by 2050. The global aviation industry, one of the most climate-polluting on the planet, continues to wrap itself in an eco flag while rapidly increasing pollution and attacking attempts at market-based regulation.

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