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Voices on aviation justice

Chris Cain on aviation justice

Chris Cain is the publisher of Seattle’s Port Observer newspaper.

“Aviation justice is…justice delayed. But not just delayed, but prevented, ignored all the while ‘injustice’ is promoted and hyped. Billions are spent each year promoting air travel and vacationing and tourism and globetrotting, while comparatively little is spent on mitigation of impacts. Aviation Industry Anarchy!

“I think there should be a warning label on airplanes just like cigarettes. Warning: air travel may cause neighborhoods to be blighted and turned into jet-ghettos. Its fumes will cause cancer, asthma, heart disease, throat irritation, and global warming, which may lead to flooding, polar meltdown, ecosystem decline, and diarrhea.

“The ads show two people in colorful shirts getting on a plane and being welcomed by a pretty woman who offers them a comfortable seat and a drink—while on the other hand I see two homeowners who have had their lives ruined and their homes taken from them walking up to the local officials to ask what can be done. Only to be told, NOTHING.”


One thought on “Chris Cain on aviation justice

  1. Thank you for articulating the frustrations I and many many others in Seattle and environs are experiencing at the hands of the airline industry, the FAA and the Port of Seattle (the POS).

    Posted by Patty Fong | June 29, 2011, 2:40 pm
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