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Aviation Justice Express tour 2011

Media covers Aviation Justice Express speaker’s ordeal

A wide variety of media has been covering the ordeal of John Stewart, one of the speakers invited to headline the Aviation Justice Express tour. John was detained, interrogated, and deported from New York’s JFK airport, and subsequently again denied a visa to return to the United States, in spite of public support from hundreds of well-wishers around the world.

ITN London Tonight

Mother Jones, Why This Prominent UK Enviro Caused a National Security Freakout

“Why did the FBI detain and question a 62-year-old British environmentalist upon his arrival at New York City’s John F. Kennedy Airport? The bureau won’t say, and the activist, who was subsequently shipped back to London, never got a clear explanation.”

Democracy Now, Leading U.K. Climate Activist Prevented From Entering U.S.

“A leading British climate activist was prevented from entering the United States after flying into New York JFK Airport. The activist, John Stewart, was questioned by the FBI, Secret Service and immigration for six hours before he was sent back to Britain. The 62-year-old Stewart heads an advocacy group that opposes the expansion of airports in Britain.”

Huffington Post, Green Activist John Stewart Denied Entry To United States

“Being escorted by six policemen at JFK Airport is a great way to jump the lines, green activist John Stewart tells The Huffington Post. Stewart, chairman of Heathrow Association for the Control of Aircraft Noise (HACAN), was on his way to the U.S. for a cross-country tour to discuss aviation impacts and HACAN’s success in preventing expansion at Heathrow Airport. Instead, he was escorted by policemen off his Delta Airlines flight once it landed at JFK on September 29.”

Grist, Why is Britain’s best environmentalist barred from the U.S.?

“John Stewart — not that Jon Stewart, the one with the H — was voted the U.K.’s most effective environmentalist in 2008. Like our Jon Stewart, he gets things done. So how come his visa was revoked while he was over the Atlantic, traveling to the U.S. for a speaking tour?”

New York Observer, Yes Men Collaborator Turned Back at J.F.K. by No Men

“Mischief makers The Yes Men had invited some speakers from Britain for a lecture on climate change scheduled for tomorrow. The talk has been rescheduled for November, to be held via Skype, because one speaker, John Stewart, “the U.K.’s most effective environmentalist” was denied entry into the U.S.”

London Evening Standard, Third runway protester escorted off plane and barred from America

“An activist who campaigns against airport expansion has been barred from entering America. John Stewart was escorted off a plane by armed guards when it landed in New York yesterday and sent back to London on the next available flight.”

Daily Mail, Green activist escorted off plane in JFK and deported back to London for ‘making threats against Obama’

“An environmental activist was sent back to the UK after arriving at a New York airport over fears that he had threatened the life of President Barack Obama.”

Earth Island Journal, British Anti Airport Expansion Activist Barred from Entering the US

“I just learned that John Stewart, a much-respected British activist who campaigns against airport expansion, was barred from entering the United States yesterday. Sixty-two year old Stewart, who heads the London-based group HACAN ClearSkies, was reportedly escorted off a plane by armed guards when it landed in New York yesterday. He was questioned by FBI, Secret Service, and immigration officials for six hours at JFK Airport before being put back on a plane to London.”

Seattle Weekly, Why John Stewart and Dan Glass, Famed UK Environmentalists, Never Made it Past the Secret Service to Seattle

“​The engines on the Delta plane that carried prominent UK environmentalist John Stewart to New York’s JFK airport were still warm last week when he was brought into the interrogation room. There, agents with the FBI, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, and the Secret Service shuffled in one after another until finally Stewart was shuffled out, back to another plane and back to London, his cross-country speaking tour that included a stop in Seattle ruined.”


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