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John Stewart says thank you to 1500+ supporters

John Stewart, our invited guest speaker for the Aviation Justice Express tour, sent the following message to the 1500+ supporters who signed the Change.org petition on his behalf after he was denied entrance to the US:


Hi, This is John Stewart, the UK campaigner barred from entering the US. Thank you for your help. I received an astonishing 500+ letters of support within 24 hours, from friends and strangers, elected officials, and so many ordinary Americans. I took your letters with me to the US Embassy in London, where I was told to re-apply for a visa. I was met by a nice man from the US Secret Service; after 3 hours, I was told that I still wouldn’t be allowed into the US to speak as part of the Aviation Justice lecture tour.

But I wasn’t silenced. Tour organizers had me and my fellow speaker Dan Glass (also effectively barred from the US) speak to local audiences over a live Skype video link. Over the past month, we’ve spoken to hundreds of Americans at events in eight different cities.

So here’s my “dangerous” idea: We’re stronger when we can find ways to work together. In London, neighbours, environmentalists, global justice activists, and conservatives came together to defeat aviation lobbyists’ plans for a third runway at Heathrow airport. How did radical environmentalists and Conservative politicians end up on the same side? Read about it for yourself, at:


And you can follow the latest news from the US at:


Once again thank you. I’m humbled by your support.

—John Stewart, London, October 29th, 2011


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