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Ex-airline lawyer helps set FAA policy

Transport & Environment points out the revolving door between the regulators and the putatively regulated, as they look at Dr. Julie Oettinger, one of the key administration officials involved in US response to the EU ETS. Per her official FAA bio:

“Julie Oettinger joined the Federal Aviation Administration on June 7, 2010. As Assistant Administrator for Policy, International Affairs and Environment, she oversees the organization responsible for directing the formulation of national aviation policies, requirements and plans to implement agency goal and priorities; achieving U.S. international aviation objectives; and developing and recommending environment and energy policy.”

According to T&E, “Further questions have been raised about the role of the former airline lawyer because the US government includes no reference to Dr Oettinger’s senior regulatory affairs position at United Airlines immediately prior to joining the FAA in her official biography on the FAA website,” which happened just “six months after United Airlines launched a major legal action against the EU proposal in the UK high court.” As the United Airlines lawsuit looks like it may fail, the FAA’s taken up the same position, but using diplomatic channels, an integrated public-private partnership working to shut down attempts to use free-market tools to limit climate pollution.

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