Aviation Justice Express tour 2011

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John Stewart’s story

I have been denied entry to the United States. I was coming to America for a series of meetings and talks organized by the Aviation Justice Express. I had been invited, along with Scottish community activist Dan Glass, to talk about the successful campaign which defeated plans for a third runway at London’s Heathrow Airport. … Continue reading

Defend UK activists’ right to speak — and our right to hear them

When Aviation Justice’s invited guest speaker John Stewart was interrogated and deported at New York’s JFK airport last week, it generated shockwaves in the US and UK. When a respected mainstream environmentalist is questioned about his work, forced to defend himself against charges of intent to incite essentially armed environmental terrorism, and prevented from crossing … Continue reading

Tour begins! Kicked out of the US, but back via Skype

We kicked off the Aviation Justice Express tour with a community meeting at a diner in Howard Beach, New York City. What had originally been billed as a friendly consultation with British activists went high-tech, with the two British speakers beaming in via Skype, despite being not receiving visas to speak in the United States. … Continue reading

Twitter in an uproar, in support of John Stewart

Twitter was in an uproar when news got out that British environmentalist John Stewart was barred from entering the United States to participate in the Aviation Justice Express tour. Friends, strangers, elected officials, journalists, and even critics spoke out: Heathrow campaigner, John Stewart barred from US. A heroic campaigner, and a gent. Utterly scandalous: http://t.co/E909QwguContinue reading

John Stewart, UK’s “most effective environmentalist” barred from entering US

Environmentalists from across America and Europe are surprised and outraged that John Stewart, voted the UK’s “most effective environmentalist,” was barred from entering the US. Stewart was invited to the US by a coalition of environmental organizations. Continue reading

New tour poster by MISSBADCHILD

London illustrator MISSBADCHILD created two fantastic posters for the Aviation Justice Express tour, bringing together so many of the problems that we’re fighting, and the solutions we’re seeking. The tour kicks off on September 30! Check out all her designs