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Anirvan Chatterjee on aviation justice

Anirvan Chatterjee is a San Francisco Bay Area entrepreneur and climate activist. He and his wife spent 2009-2010 attempting to travel around the world without flying, while documenting the work of climate action movements in a dozen countries. Climate change has a human face. Last year, we met dozens of Vietnamese teens trying to deal … Continue reading

US House members want to make EU ETS compliance illegal

A bipartisan group of members of the House of Representatives introduced HR 2594, the EU ETS Prohibition Act, which would make compliance with the European aviation emissions trading system illegal. The bill is being introduced by the following members of the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee, who have collectively received over $2 million from the … Continue reading

US airlines attack European market-based solutions

It’s the market-base solution the US is fighting against. It is called the European Union Environmental Trading Scheme (EU ETS) and it has caused an almighty row between the US and Europe, which has ended up in the European courts. The EU ETS has been in place for some years but what has caused the … Continue reading

“Just Do It” released in the UK

The Aviation Justice Express tour this October will bring with it an American prerelease copy of Just Do It, a documentary about the British climate direct action movement, which was just released in the UK. Watch the trailer, and a snippet about a spinoff Heathrow-area community garden project:

Feds release their 2010 aviation carbon footprint

What’s the carbon footprint of US federal government agencies’ air business travel? The Council on Environmental Quality just released the tally of federal agencies’ greenhouse gas emissions for fiscal year 2010, and we pulled out air travel data: 5.2% of reported emissions came from air business travel — that’s 3.4 million metric tons of CO2 … Continue reading

Wilderness Society greenwashes Frontier Airlines

How much does greenwash cost? $350,000, max. That’s how much Frontier Airlines is contributing to the Wilderness Society. In return, the low-cost airline received widespread media coverage of its environmental commitment. The Wilderness Society followed up by emailing members on May 17, describing how “thrilled” they are to be working with “Frontier Airlines – an … Continue reading

Environmental groups highlight greenwashing by American, United, Continental Airlines

The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), Center for Biological Diversity (CBD), Earthjustice, Environment America, Natural Resources Defense Council, and Sierra Club have teamed up to take on American airlines’ attack on European aviation climate emissions standards, denouncing industry greenwash. “[I]f American and United are committed to reducing their environmental impact and protecting the earth, ‘it makes … Continue reading

Tackling U.S. aviation emissions in the courts

With national U.S. climate legislation failed, and Republicans running away from market-based solutions, the onus is on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to develop national greenhouse gas standards. After the Supreme Court ruled in 2007 that the EPA must regulate dangerous greenhouse gases as a pollutant, environmental NGOs asked the EPA to start setting standards … Continue reading

The Battle of Heathrow: The story of a climate victory against runaway aviation

The Battle of Heathrow was a decade-long campaign to prevent the massive expansion of Heathrow airport. Initially started by local homeowners worried about local impacts, it eventually grew into a struggle over the future of British climate policy. Near the heart of the struggle was John Stewart, the chair of AirportWatch, who helped hold together … Continue reading