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New Yorker on Obama’s aviation/climate betrayal

The New Yorker castigated President Obama for his “climate betrayal,” for his attack on global aviation climate regulations. Read staff writer Elizabeth Kolbert’s article, the best short overview I’ve seen of the global battle over aviation and climate. “Some international disputes are significant for symbolic reasons, others for substantive ones. The current conflict between the … Continue reading

Top European court stands up for aviation justice

Aviation justice activists around the world celebrated last month as the top court in the European Union upheld EU policy regulating aviation emissions, making Europe a world leader on the issue. Read the full press release from the US-EU coalition of aviation/environmental NGOs working on the issue: Environmental groups hail court decision on aviation climate … Continue reading

TSA hits American trains and buses

Attacks on passengers’ civil rights is one of the most unpleasant parts of flying. But the cancer is spreading to buses and trains. The TSA’s Visible Intermodal Protection and Response (VIPR) teams “detain and search citizens at railroad stations, bus stations, ferries, car tunnels, ports, subways, truck weigh stations, rest areas, and special events.” (via) … Continue reading

Aviation justice on Radio Ecoshock

Radio Ecoshock just posted their interviews with three activists associated with the Aviation Justice Express tour: John Stewart, Dan Glass, and Debi Wagner. Download it in MP3 format, or listen to it online: “Plane Justice: Banned in America” (1 hour, featuring interviews with Stewart, Glass, Wagner) Standard-quality MP3 download (14 MB) CD-quality MP3 download (56 … Continue reading

ICAO attacks EU, stands up for climate inaction

ICAO, the UN agency responsible for regulating aviation, has failed to take any leadership on aviation and the climate crisis. Now they adopted a declaration attacking the European Union’s pioneering attempt to have air carriers pay a market-driven price for the climate pollution they generate. This is the culmination of 26 nations ganging up on … Continue reading

Dan Glass on aviation justice

Dan Glass was named one of the UK’s youth climate leaders by the Guardian, and one of Attitude magazine’s 66 new role models for helping bridge LGBTQ and environmental justice movements. The grandson of four Holocaust survivors, he’s perhaps best known for having superglued himself to the Prime Minister to draw attention to communities impacted … Continue reading

John Stewart says thank you to 1500+ supporters

John Stewart, our invited guest speaker for the Aviation Justice Express tour, sent the following message to the 1500+ supporters who signed the Change.org petition on his behalf after he was denied entrance to the US:   Hi, This is John Stewart, the UK campaigner barred from entering the US. Thank you for your help. … Continue reading

Ex-airline lawyer helps set FAA policy

Transport & Environment points out the revolving door between the regulators and the putatively regulated, as they look at Dr. Julie Oettinger, one of the key administration officials involved in US response to the EU ETS. Per her official FAA bio: “Julie Oettinger joined the Federal Aviation Administration on June 7, 2010. As Assistant Administrator … Continue reading

West Coast tour wraps up

Over the last week, Dan Glass, John Stewart, and Debi Wagner did a series of Aviation Justice Express events in the US and Canadian Pacific Northwest, with stops in Portland, Bellingham, and Vancouver, rounding out the West Coast tour. The Portland event was hosted by PSU Students for Unity and Portland Rising Tide. John Stewart … Continue reading

House bans airlines from following environmental laws

For shame. The US House of Representatives has passed HR 2594, a bill that would literally ban American airlines from following European Union climate pollution laws. It passed by voice vote, meaning there’s no record of each representative’s position. If this legislation gains traction in the Senate, it might spark a trade war with the … Continue reading