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EPA takes on dirty leaded aviation fuel

About half of the airborne lead in the United States came from avgas, the aviation fuel used by small piston-engine planes. Friends of the Earth formally petitioned the EPA to take action in 2007, as there is no safe threshold for lead exposure, which is particularly harmful for children. However, the EPA sat on its … Continue reading

Environmentalists, fiscal conservatives suggest buses instead of planes

The recent FAA reauthorization bill contains funding for Essential Air Service, a program under which the government subsidizes rural flights, by up to $1,600 per trip. An unlikely group of environmentalists and libertarians are now looking to express buses to provide a cheaper, greener, alternative. According to Streetsblog Capitol Hill: “The House wanted to end … Continue reading

Aviation justice in the San Francisco Bay Area

We had about 130 people attend three amazing aviation justice events in the San Francisco Bay Area last week, featuring John Stewart and Dan Glass on a live video link sharing the lessons of the victory at London’s Heathrow airport. On Wednesday, we held a small roundtable for activists from local environmental and transportation justice … Continue reading

Dan Glass in Toronto

Dan Glass, perhaps best known as the British climate activist who superglued himself to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, has recently been catapulted back into the spotlight after being barred from speaking in the US by the Secret Service. But American aviation justice organizers’ loss was Canada’s gain, as he kicks off a parallel Canadian … Continue reading

Aviation justice in Los Angeles

The Aviation Justice Express tour hit California, with Los Angeles area residents attended a public event and protest against the Santa Monica Airport, organized by Concerned Residents Against Airport Pollution. Residents are working to address pollution, noise, and safety issues. Writes the Santa Monica Daily Press: “Residents of three communities reiterated their concerns about Santa … Continue reading

STAND: Shut This Airport Nighmare Down

Anthony Rayson, the co-founder of STAND (Shut This Airport Nighmare Down), writes about their Aviation Justice Express event last week in Peotone County, Illinois, where residents are trying to defend their community from a massive new airport project, over three times the size of Chicago O’Hare. In an unfortunate turn of events, politicians have pitted … Continue reading

European Court of Justice supporting EU aviation pollution regulations

A group of American airlines had sued the European Union for trying to use market-based measures to limit greenhouse gas pollution for aviation, but an initial ruling from the European Court of Justice‘s Advocate General found that the policies were valid under international law. According to Transport & Environment: “In a thorough and comprehensive opinion, … Continue reading

Media covers Aviation Justice Express speaker’s ordeal

A wide variety of media has been covering the ordeal of John Stewart, one of the speakers invited to headline the Aviation Justice Express tour. John was detained, interrogated, and deported from New York’s JFK airport, and subsequently again denied a visa to return to the United States, in spite of public support from hundreds … Continue reading

Defend UK activists’ right to speak — and our right to hear them

When Aviation Justice’s invited guest speaker John Stewart was interrogated and deported at New York’s JFK airport last week, it generated shockwaves in the US and UK. When a respected mainstream environmentalist is questioned about his work, forced to defend himself against charges of intent to incite essentially armed environmental terrorism, and prevented from crossing … Continue reading

Tour begins! Kicked out of the US, but back via Skype

We kicked off the Aviation Justice Express tour with a community meeting at a diner in Howard Beach, New York City. What had originally been billed as a friendly consultation with British activists went high-tech, with the two British speakers beaming in via Skype, despite being not receiving visas to speak in the United States. … Continue reading